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 Official Going Reports

Last Updated  on 08-07-2008 at 10:30

Huntingdon GOOD TO SOFT, Good in places on hurdle course; GoingStick: Chs 7.7, Hdl 8.0
Kempton GOOD, Good to soft in places on hurdle course; GoingStick: Chs 7.5, Hdl 7.2
Market Rasen Hurdle course - GOOD TO SOFT, Good in places
Sedgefield SOFT, Heavy in back straight; some good to soft in straight; GoingStick: Chs 6.4, Hdl 6.8
Towcester GOOD TO SOFT, Soft in places; GoingStick 8.2
Wincanton SOFT, Good to soft in places; GoingStick: Hdl 4.6, Chs 5.4
Wetherby SOFT, Good to soft in places; GoingStick 8.0


The Notebook & Dark Horse section of the Eclipse File contains expert analysis by our team of experienced race-readers. Compiled by our extensive team both on and off the track, they detail any noteworthy performances with a view to future engagements. They are particularly valuable for many reasons. Due to the fact that notebook entries are made by our experts on the day of the race they are without bias or outside influence and consequently provide a completely independent view of the horse in question both for its connections and, indeed, owners, trainers and perhaps jockeys considering their future options. All notebook entries are held in a database and are available for inspection on demand using our easy to navigate system. Similarly, 'dark horses' are added to the database, as and when such data becomes available. Moreover, when any notebook horse receives an entry from it's trainer, the Eclipse File 'flags' it up immediately on the members grid so you won't miss that eyecatcher when it runs.


The grid above will appear by clicking on the Notebook & Dark Horse button within the members' enclosure. Our system automatically checks the database against all runners on the date selected. You can see on the example above, that some races on the various cards for that day contain horse icons. These indicate that matches have been found and that a runner(s) in the race shown has an entry. Simply click on any icon and the relevant information will appear. 

By selecting an icon of your choice, the notebook entry will then be detailed as above. The notebook entry will be presented exactly as it was entered by one of our expert team on the day of the race. Subscribers can then determine whether the information and expert comment provided, is of relevance for today's race conditions.  Of course, on some occassions this will not be the case, but by providing the data in its' entirity, trainers amd subscribers are invited to make their own analysis using all the available information
Users can navigate between Notebook, Gallop Reports, Significant entries and many other Eclipse File tools, swiftly and conveniently. By comparing and evaluating all relevant information available, the notebook feature is without question a most valuable tool.  


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