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 Official Going Reports

Last Updated  on 08-07-2008 at 10:30

Huntingdon GOOD TO SOFT, Good in places on hurdle course; GoingStick: Chs 7.7, Hdl 8.0
Kempton GOOD, Good to soft in places on hurdle course; GoingStick: Chs 7.5, Hdl 7.2
Market Rasen Hurdle course - GOOD TO SOFT, Good in places
Sedgefield SOFT, Heavy in back straight; some good to soft in straight; GoingStick: Chs 6.4, Hdl 6.8
Towcester GOOD TO SOFT, Soft in places; GoingStick 8.2
Wincanton SOFT, Good to soft in places; GoingStick: Hdl 4.6, Chs 5.4
Wetherby SOFT, Good to soft in places; GoingStick 8.0



Our Background:
Eclipse Management ( Newmarket ) Limited was founded in 1987 in Newmarket - The Headquarters of Horseracing. Since its inception Eclipse has been offering management services to the sports industry and, in particular, horse racing. With offices overlooking the world famous Newmarket gallops, Eclipse Management employs professionals with nearly 200 years of combined experience in professional sport, horseracing, training, management, marketing and information technology between them and are perfectly positioned to provide specialist management services to the sports and horseracing industries.

In recent years, it has successfully managed leading jockeys Frankie Dettori, Guy Landau and Willie Ryan, launched its own racing club, established a longstanding advertising bureau in 1989, which remains a market leader today, not to mention owning a successful string of racehorses. It has also launched a variety of its own products and is still very productively managing a large portfolio of recognised brands.

Eclipse File:
The Eclipse File was launched as a subscription based weekly publication in the early nineties providing the racing public with previously unavailable information from the world famous Newmarket gallops. It was very successful and eventually became available only to a private subscription group due to the timescales and schedules involved in printing and publishing such time sensitive information.

Maintaining its' success, the product is now re-launched into an online and interactive version with many more useful tools at our subscribers' immediate disposal. The Eclipse File now consists of a more comprehensive database of observations, facts and comments. Online, the user is able to compare and interrogate the information on the database at will.

The New Eclipse File is aimed at professionals within the racing industry (Trainers, Owners, Jockeys etc) for whom this information can play a vital role in making their day to day decisions, but it is equally important and valuable to the more discerning racegoer as it provides exclusive information, the like of which has been previously unavailable.

Business Strategy:
To combine real-world business, acquisition skills, management talent and experience with cyber-world business. Identify key growth niches within selected area/s, build customer focussed cores and create clusters around them. Anchor partners and affiliates on basis of brand recognition and fulfilment expertise within these clusters. Create and use technology to its best advantage and for innovative marketing. Attract and acquire new customers by having the content based on customers' personal needs, empathy of thought, belief or life experience. Offer convenience, choice, service and personalisation. Build customer confidence by creating trust, appreciation and a continuous dialogue with the customer to access their ongoing needs. Back To Top

Business Opportunities:
With the emergence of e-business, Eclipse has expanded to include its presence on the Web. Since 1996, Eclipse has played a key role in developing many of the e-business solutions and, once again, coming out as a pioneer in the respective dimension.

The experience Eclipse Management has gained from commissioning, designing, developing, managing and marketing sports related Web sites and ebusiness solutions is a valuable business asset to the industry as it provides the opportunity to help other businesses implement similar e-business applications every day. We are interested in pursuing relevant partnerships that provide mutual benefits. We would be glad to discuss any ideas that we may find commercially viable to all concerned.

To email us please click here;

With audiences of diverse demographic and socio-economic profiles, you are sure to find the segment that ideally suits your brand:

Web site advertising: Your brief message or branding communication is delivered through a series of impressions on rich content Web pages that users visit for several minutes because of the quality and volume of content, providing a higher value impression. Available ad spots include 468x60 banners, 120x60 buttons and other sizes as available.

Email sponsorships: Your message is carried in periodic content emails that users have opted to receive, and which they will open and read because of the premium content in the email.

Direct mail: Direct response marketing in print still delivers a tremendous value for the marketing money.


Eclipse File is published in print and online by Eclipse Management Ltd © 1987-2024