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 Official Going Reports

Last Updated  on 08-07-2008 at 10:30

Huntingdon GOOD TO SOFT, Good in places on hurdle course; GoingStick: Chs 7.7, Hdl 8.0
Kempton GOOD, Good to soft in places on hurdle course; GoingStick: Chs 7.5, Hdl 7.2
Market Rasen Hurdle course - GOOD TO SOFT, Good in places
Sedgefield SOFT, Heavy in back straight; some good to soft in straight; GoingStick: Chs 6.4, Hdl 6.8
Towcester GOOD TO SOFT, Soft in places; GoingStick 8.2
Wincanton SOFT, Good to soft in places; GoingStick: Hdl 4.6, Chs 5.4
Wetherby SOFT, Good to soft in places; GoingStick 8.0



Following is a list of the Frequently Aksed Questions (FAQs). Although some of the questions were pre-empted, most of the questions are from our users. The answers have been compiled by our experts, but still, if these do not answer your question please click here to email us your query.

  1. Do you operate all the year round?

  2. I have two PC's - from Monday to Friday I would need to access your site on my PC at work, and at weekends, Bank Holidays and when I am on annual leave I would need to use my home PC. Does this present a problem?

  3. What does the bottle shaped symbol signify against certain horses on the members enclosure page?


1. What is The Eclipse File?

The Eclipse File comprises a unique database that helps to provide an invaluable analysis and a fascinating insight into any day's racing. Combining facts, figures, expert comment and analysis, with our unique and totally exclusive tools, it provides Jockeys Owners and Trainers alike with information much of which has never before been made available to the general public.  The Eclipse File does not rely merely on form or time but is a unique LIVE AND INTERACTIVE resource, combining the greater benefits of being based at Newmarket, the headquarters of British Racing and the expertise of our racereaders gained from years of experience in the racing business. They analyse details of a horse's paddock appearance, fitness, ground preferences and perhaps most important of all, the busy'ness' of every horse in every race. Processed by our highly informed office staff at Newmarket, support is only a click of a mouse away during office hours. The Eclipse File combines exclusive gallop reports, notebook entries, market moves and stables in and out of form and is one of the most innovative racing products in the marketplace today.

2. What are The Significant Entries? TOP

This section highlights horses that trainers or owners have seen fit to enter into the most prestigious and high class races of the season. Significant Entries are made for horses, in stages, the initial entry may be quite some time in advance of the race and is followed by further stages, called forfeits, each subsequent forfeit costing more. Armed with this information it is possible to gauge the perceived quality of the individual. Whilst this information is available in many publications prior to the actual Big Race, The Eclipse File system highlights horses that have held Significant Entries after the actual race is run. This is of particular consequence as unexposed or unraced horses can be identified as having been considered useful earlier on in the season.

3. What are Notebook Horses? TOP

Our team of race readers provide highly informed comment on horses not fit, unlucky in running, running over the wrong trip or on adverse going that would be of particular interest for future engagements. Our team attend meetings every day and make notebook entries on the evidence of what they have seen with their own eyes. We do not rely on the opinion of others, but on the expert and experienced team of race readers within our employ.

4. Where does the gallops information come from? TOP
H. Cecil's on the way home.

The Exclusive NEWMARKET GALLOPS contain reports of work that has been witnessed at racing's headquarters by our work watchers. Additional information is provided by experienced work riders, who are employed by the top stables in the town, and feature details of horses working particularly well, along with the news of their galloping companions.

What's this one called??? See our gallops.

It is worth noting groups of horses working together in which one of the group have subsequently put up an excellent racecourse performance, as this is clearly a most encouraging sign for the rest of the group.

5. How can I benefit from subscribing? TOP

Whether you are an owner, a trainer, or simply an enthusiast, you can benefit from subscribing to The Eclipse File. It will provide you with information as to where the best option is for you to place you horse to best advantage, about the merit of the likely opposition and it will tell you the horses that have the most favourable conditions to race under. Finally, for the enthusiast, we have the most comprehensive database in the country and it is growing each and every day. Our array of exclusive tools provide a quite unique insight into any day's racing.

 6. What does it cost to subscribe? TOP

We have recently simplified the joining process and have been delighted with the positive feedback received. There are no complicated grades of membership, by joining online, you will gain access to all areas of the site for just one modest joining fee. If you subscribe for a year today, it works out at just over a pound a day! (£1.09p to be precise) 



THE ECLIPSE FILE is comprised of three main sections: Notebook and Dark horses, Newmarket Gallops and Significant entries. Plus of course, many other invaluable tools at your disposal. By utilising all available resources, the Eclipse File is simply unrivalled in its' coverage.


8. When does the info appear on your boards for the day's racing?The races are displayed from a four day stage. The Final jockey declarations reach us usually by 2pm for the following day. So, before 3pm today we have tomorrow's race cards final, except for Sunday when they are available from 3pm on a Friday.

9. Do you operate all the year round? TOP
We do indeed operate throughout the year. Being based in Newmarket, we are at an obvious advantage with the number of top flat stables based in the town and the gallops information in particular is of vastly more use during the flat season. However, the Notebook section has proved increasingly popular with subscribers and operates throughout the year, detailing all weather and NH information.  The Gallops section has been replaced during the winter, with a new addition, The Schoolmaster (see the site for details)

10. Using different PCs to access the site
There is absolutley no problem in accessing our information via the website on different PCs. We know that many of our subscribers do this regularly, indeed we ourselves access both the user level and administration facilities from PCs at work, PCs at home and from laptops. We are sure you will not find this problematic.

11. What does the bottle shaped symbol signify against certain horses on the members enclosure page?
The dark green symbol next to certain horses denotes a fence/hurdle. This will appear on all the jump meetings



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